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We like this coffee for its versatility and ability to retain notes of origin (those classic chocolatey & nutty tones Brazilian coffee is known for) even after spending a while in the roaster. Big body, low acidity, peanut, dark chocolate fudge. This coffee can stand on its own for those who enjoy a darker roast, and shines through immersion methods like the French Press or Aeropress. It also makes a great classic single-origin espresso! 

WHAT WE TASTE: Big body, low acidity, peanut, dark chocolate fudge.

BREWING RECOMMENDATIONS: Great for auto drip and manual brew methods like French Press or Aeropress. 

  • Recommended brewing ratio of 1:14

ROASTING INFORMATION: All coffees are roasted, packaged and shipped on Thursdays and Fridays. Our sizes 12 oz. or 5 lb. bag. 

  • Recommended Resting Period: 3 days after roasting for best results

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